With Brexit, Rosamund Pike, who currently lives in Prague, feels “very far away” from Great Britain

With Brexit, Rosamund Pike, who currently lives in Prague, feels "very far away" from Great Britain

The 42-year-old actress, who has solo, eight- and six-year-old Atom with her partner Robie Uniacke, is currently living indefinitely in Prague, while working in the city (EU) she feels even further away from home as they.

When asked if she lives in Prague now, she said: “It seems so. I work here so instead of the constant back and forth we decided to pull up all the sticks and move here. It seems to be further away, now Brexit has happened. We feel like we are in a completely different country and suddenly it feels very far away. “

Rosamund is aware that she needs to make progress in mastering the local language, but she has been too busy dealing with Mandarin through teaching her children.

She said to talk show host Graham Norton, “I’ve tried. My children speak Mandarin so they taught me at home. I really should learn Czech and I am aware of the irony of living in the Czech Republic and learning Mandarin! “

The actress is next in the comedy thriller “I Care a Lot” and admitted that she had two of the most “intense” days of filming filming an underwater scene.

She said, “There is an amazing underwater sequence that teaches you in a very relaxed way and you think, ‘This is great, I can do this,’ and you’ve just gotten into the idea when they say, ‘We won’t do any of this. We’re going to take your mask and oxygen away, we’re going to hang the car in the water, and you’re going to fight to get out. ‘

“I had the two most intense days of filming of my life. As you panic, your sympathetic nervous system starts to react and you get more and more adrenaline – it was exhilarating but also pretty terrifying …

“About halfway through the afternoon I was allowed to come to the surface, and because we were in England, this inflatable tray with cups of tea and digestive biscuits came over the tank. It was the most welcome sight! “

Watch the full interview with Rosamund on the “Graham Norton Show” on BBC One on Friday night (2/19/21).


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