We got ‘some really interesting tips’

We got 'some really interesting tips'

The filmmakers behind it Framing Britney Spears are already discussing a sequel.

The New York TimesLiz Day, executive editor of the documentary, was released on The Access Hollywood vault Podcast and said they’ve had plenty of new tips to investigate the life and conservationalism of Britney Spears since the film debuted in Hulu on February 5th. There was also a lot of material, including on camera interviews, that they didn’t use.

“We had no idea it would resonate that way,” Day said of the doc who sparked conversations about the culture that made the pop star’s harassment possible. And that goes not just for the general public, but also for “the directors like Justin Timberlake or people like Sarah Silverman who deal with the things they have said in the past. So we are really, really, really shocked.”

Day said the film crew have “heard from some well-placed insiders since the documentary aired. We have heard both very positive things and some really interesting tips that we want to explore further.”

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And yes, that could lead to a sequel.

“We really hope so,” she said. “There was so much that made up the cutting room floor because we just didn’t have the time to get into it. There’s so much in our notebooks that we’d like to do a second part. “

It would focus on the people around Spears, many of whom turned to her but refused to attend.

“There’s been a lot of talk about their executive director,” Lou Taylor of the Tri-Star Sports and Entertainment Group, who abruptly resigned last fall “and the role they played [in] the conservatory and administration of Britney’s money. There are just a lot of different players that we didn’t get involved with in time, but I think they would be really interesting to explore further. “


Framing Britney Spears “Episode 6 (aired Friday, Feb. 5, 10:00 pm / episode) – Pictured: Britney Spears. CR: FX

Day also said that she would like to speak to Spears’ bodyguard Robert “Big Rob” Feggans. (Day previously told Yahoo that she interviewed Spears’ high school boyfriend Reg Jones and his first husband Jason Alexander, but none of the interviews were used in the documentary.)

Whether Britney Spears saw the documentary herself seems to be open to debate.

“We don’t know. We heard that she is aware of it and that she is aware of it. We do not know whether she actually saw it or not,” said Day.

Day also spoke about the cultural conversation that is going on – and how Diane Sawyer, Matt Lauer, and others besides Timberlake and Sarah Silverman were called in for their treatment of Spears at the time.

“I haven’t really seen the interview with Diane Sawyer in the last few years, but I still feel comfortable saying she wouldn’t do that today,” she said of the veteran Newswoman’s aggressive questioning of Spears, what she did made Timberlake break up with her. “I really think it was a sign of the times. Matt Lauer did it. Everyone wanted to blame Britney for the example she sets for young girls. Obviously, that’s a lot of pressure to incriminate a young woman.”

Day said there was only one whole “machine – that industrial gossip machine” at the time, including the relentless paparazzi and tabloids who paid millions for Spears’ photos, creating a spiral of control.

“I also think we were all involved too,” she said of the public. “I personally bought these tabloids. I clicked on Perez Hilton. I think consumers have fueled these paparazzi ‘s appetites for this way into their space.”

We can learn daily hopes from the doctor – and prevent another Spears situation.

“I think what I’m most interested in is seeing how [it] can influence our behavior today, “she said.” This is how we spark conversations about which celebrities we treat like that [now] that in 10 years we will look back and think: We shouldn’t make these jokes. “

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