Trisha Yearwood tested positive for COVID-19, according to Garth Brooks

Trisha Yearwood tested positive for COVID-19, according to Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are being quarantined together because she tested positive for COVID-19. (Photo: Reuters)

Trisha Yearwood has tested positive for COVID-19. Garth Brooks made a statement Tuesday saying he would be “driving through in quarantine with his wife for more than 15 years”.

The country superstars announced on Feb.11 that they were isolating at home and canceling scheduled events after a member of their team contracted the virus. Yearwood, 59, has tested positive for the past few days while remaining negative, according to a Brooks spokesperson.

“The Queen and I have now tested twice,” 59-year-old Brooks told Yahoo Entertainment in a statement. “She is now officially diagnosed as ‘on her way out of the tunnel’ for which I am extremely grateful.”

Severe weather in Tennessee, according to the statement, prevented the couple from being tested for until nearly a week after their first exposure.

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“Everyone who knows me knows my world begins and ends with Miss Yearwood, so she and I are going to go through this together,” notes Brooks, adding projects like his weekly In Studio G. The conversation on Facebook is interrupted. “And everyone who knows her knows that she is a fighter and did everything right, so I know that together we will leave the other side of this thing.”

Yearwood is dealing with symptoms, but according to Brooks’ rep, he is fine.

“She’s tough. She’s stronger than me,” says Brooks, noting that they welcome prayers and good thoughts. “If someone asks, you can do it for them. I’ll do that.”

Brooks admitted that he is still concerned about his wife and the possible long-term effects of contracting the virus.

“When I live with her I sometimes take it for granted that she is one of the greatest voices in all of music. The possible long-term impact on her affects me as her husband and as a fan,” he concludes. “We are very happy that she is currently under the greatest care in the best city to treat and heal singers.”

Yearwood and Brooks previously had to be quarantined due to exposure to COVID-19. One of Brooks’ three children from his previous marriage, 24-year-old daughter Allie, had a mild case of the virus.

“As a parent, nobody knows what COVID will do in the future, so you just watch over them,” Brooks said in July, noting that his daughter just had a sore throat. “You pray a lot and hopefully that’s exactly what she gets out of this.”

Brooks added during the summer interview that the past few months “were probably the most we have ever been through as a couple.”

“What’s on the other side is so great, especially when you’re with the right one,” he explained.

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