The problems with the Sony PS5 Dualsense controller have been described in a new video

The problems with the Sony PS5 Dualsense controller have been described in a new video

In the iFixit teardown video recently posted on YouTube, the DualSense controller is being disassembled and its internal functions are being exposed in an attempt to fix the deteriorating drift issues.

The joystick modules used to set up the DualSense controller are referred to as “standard”. This is the same hardware as the Xbox Elite controller, which is known to have similar issues.

Concerned users hoping for a quick fix were disappointed by the video showing that the PS5 controller has 14 separate soldering points that must be melted off before the joystick module can be tampered with. There are also haptic motor cables that require a similar process to be released.

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While it can and a replacement joystick can temporarily fix the problem, the iFixit team confirmed that the issues don’t seem to be related to them at all.

The team digged deeper into the hardware and found a couple of potentiometers on each joystick that can wear out over a period of continuous use. A few other possible causes were listed when the DualSense was taken apart, including overstretching a spring that could not return to its default position, thereby realigning the “center point” of your character.

Using a standard Call of Duty: Warzone game to estimate the potential lifespan of the controller for £ 59.99, iFixit estimated the average PS5 DualSense power would be around 417 hours of full power. After that, the hardware would degrade, which means the average gamer may experience problems after just a few months.

A US law firm recently filed a class action lawsuit against Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) alleging that the PS5 DualSense controllers were defective due to anomalies.

It is also alleged that Sony was aware of the situation “through online consumer complaints, consumer complaints directly to Sony, and through its own testing prior to release”.


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