The Beach Boys sold the rights to their intellectual property

The Beach Boys sold the rights to their intellectual property

The “I Get Around” hitmakers have signed a deal with the Iconic Artists Group of music mogul Irving Azoff, which means the company owns its entire brand, including its master recordings, the rights to their band name and some of their publishing rights, and Memorabilia.

Thanks to technologies like VR and CGI, fans could see Beach Boys in different forms in the future.

The company’s CEO, Olivier Chastan, told Rolling Stone, “The Beach Boys aren’t just a band in a way. They are a lifestyle. You’re a consumer brand. And they never really took advantage of that. “This includes VR, AR, 3D, CGI, natural language processing, etc.

“For me, that’s probably the most interesting aspect of what’s going to change our business. In five years time, I could text you and say, “At 2 p.m. we put our Oculus Rift glasses on and watch the Beach Boys recording” Good Vibrations “on Western Recorders.”

It is not known how much the rights were sold for.

It comes after a number of artists sell various percentages of their back catalogs to the popular Hipgnosis Songs Fund company.

Neil Young recently sold 50 percent of his catalog, which is believed to be worth an estimated $ 150 million (£ 110 million).

The 75-year-old music legend has signed a lucrative contract with Hipgnosis after recently acquiring 100 percent of the entire music collection of former Fleetwood Mac musician Lindsey Buckingham and the royalties of producer Jimmy Iovine.

Half of Neil’s music collection is 1,180 songs.

Founder Merck Mercuriadis said, “This is a deal that will change Hipgnosis forever.” I bought my first Neil Young album when I was seven. ‘Harvest’ was my companion and I know every note, every word, every pause and silence exactly. “Neil Young, or at least his music, has been my friend and constant since then.”

Hipgnosis ensures that their customers’ music is heard over the radio and television and that they make a decent profit on royalties.


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