The BBC has rejected a complaint about an episode of Newsnight about Transgender Healthcare

The BBC has rejected a complaint about an episode of Newsnight about Transgender Healthcare

The episode, which focused on the December High Court ruling restricting the use of puberty blockers for trans kids, featured presenter Emily Maitlis and Keira Bell taking legal action against their decision to transition to men as teenagers Open an NHS gender clinic.

Bell, now regretting the transition, argued that the center should have challenged her more in her decision.

The CEO of the Mermaids Charity, Susie Green, who is a cisgender mother of a young trans woman, also took part in the discussion.

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This week, musician and activist Katy Montgomerie shared a screenshot of a response she received after complaining about the lack of trans-representation on the show.

“Newsnight’s response claiming they disagree with a program about trans people should have spoken to at least one single trans person. Imagine a program about women who didn’t speak to a single person,” tweeted they.

“I appreciate the concern you have raised, but I’m afraid I do not share your view that it was necessary to include a post from a trans person that took into account the scope and focus of Newsnight’s coverage,” the newspaper reads Answer.

“As you can see, due impartiality means taking into account the topic and nature of the matter being discussed when deciding which points of view to reflect.

“On that occasion, the focus was on the High Court’s decision and the consequences for young people receiving or awaiting puberty-blocking treatment.”

The spokesman said the BBC’s editorial guidelines “make it clear that the report and subsequent discussion must take into account an appropriate set of key views and perspectives relevant to the High Court’s decision.”

However, many were not satisfied with that answer, and Labor MP Wes Streeting tweeted, “Disappointed to say the least. One of the great things about Newsnight’s coverage of schools was trying to get the voices of experts – teachers and youth themselves – involved in the discussions. We need to hear more from trans people about their lived experiences. “


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