“That doesn’t seem like a place for political jokes.”

"That doesn't seem like a place for political jokes."

Actress and writer Tina Fey, 50, said she won’t deal with political jokes if she co-hosts the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night. (Photo: ANGELA WEISS / AFP via Getty Images)

Tina Fey is ready to host the 78th Golden Globe Awards together on Sunday evening. But that doesn’t mean the famous writer and actress strives to tackle politics in her jokes.

In an interview with Jill Rappaport about her Rappaport to the rescue The 50-year-old podcast Fey announced that she and Amy Poehler, co-host, do not want to discuss politics.

“That doesn’t seem like a place for political jokes, thank goodness,” said Fey, who will be live at New York’s Rainbow Room, while Poehler will be live at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills. “Amy and I were talking about how we can just make it a fun hangout for the people back home – some kind of stress reliever, so I don’t think you can expect much politics at all.”

The broadcast on Sunday will serve Fey and Poehler on the (virtual) Globes stage after a break of several years from the award ceremony. She and Poehler hosted together in 2013, 2014 and 2015, but will face a new challenge thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

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“It’s been five years and the places we’d go, Jill – couture houses, we’d meet the designers, there were muslins, models, and the jewels!” She joked. What do you have? ‘”

Fey also shared about her upcoming 20th anniversary with husband Jeff Richmond, with whom she has two daughters, Alice, 15 and Penelope, 9.

“Quarantine is a real test of whether you’re working together as a unit. I think we’re good at giving each other time when we need it,” said Fey. Although she claimed she did not know “what the secret is” to a successful marriage, she called her husband “generous and spiritual”.

“The more complicated things like jewelry, flowers or perfume on Valentine’s Day don’t mean anything to me. That’s not how we work,” said Fey. “I think people talk about what their love language is, and I think our love language works together and helps each other at work and around the house. Jeff cooks a lot, I get up and walk the dogs while he makes coffee . I think we’re together most of the time, even before this pandemic. “

Fey went on to say that the family welcomed a second dog, this time a rescue pup, during the pandemic. Now the family has two poodles, Mabel and Teddy, who are both responsible for helping the family relieve stress during difficult times.

“I think, like so many people, we found out during the pandemic that we were home a lot and this would be an opportune time to take in a new family member and so we could be here for all four of the children of the family so much more “Joked Fey, who continued to thank her dog walker. “Both dogs have had a really calming influence during this dark and stressful time, just being present and sitting in a chair with them. And there were really times with each family member where they were worried about something else. Sit Just join Teddy and Mabel and it will calm you down. I think this has been a real blessing to all of us. “

Fey also took the opportunity to express how grateful she is for her many blessings.

“Like many people who go through this time, they feel very grateful for what you have, for your health, your home, when people lose so much, lose loved ones, but also lose their jobs and face food insecurity and so much are stress in the world, “said Fey. “We are very, very, very grateful for what we have and have tried to focus on opportunities to give back and help other people during this time.”

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