Taylor Swift jokingly stated that she was “the 4th Haim sister”

Taylor Swift jokingly stated that she was "the 4th Haim sister"

The new version of the ‘Women in Music Pt. III ‘song, which includes Swift as the vocals, was released yesterday (February 18) as part of the expanded version of Haim’s third studio album.

Celebrating the arrival of the new version of ‘Gasoline’, Swift shared a clip of Danielle Haim who heard the title on her Instagram stories, declaring her affection for the Haim sisters.

“Stop the DNA test. I’m the 4th Haim sister and this song is the only evidence I need,” wrote Swift as a caption regarding her work with the band on the new version of ‘Gasoline’ you can hear below.

In a separate post, Haim spoke about how they reached out to Swift to collaborate on the new version of ‘Gasoline’.

“Since we ‘Women in Music Pt. III ‘in June, Taylor had always told us that’ gasoline ‘was her favorite. When we thought about ways to reinterpret some of the tracks on the record, we immediately thought of them, ”the band wrote.

“She brought such amazing ideas and new images to the song and really gave it a new life. Thank you [Taylor Swift] for adding your incredible voice and spirit to a track that means so much to us. “

Haim and Swift previously teamed up for “no body, no crime”, a country murder ballad from Swift’s second album from 2020 “evermore”.


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