Simpsons fans believe the show predicted Ted Cruz’s controversial trip to Mexico

Simpsons fans believe the show predicted Ted Cruz's controversial trip to Mexico

The Texas senator has come under fire in recent days for flying his family to Cancun on vacation despite hundreds of thousands of Texans being left without electricity, heat, or running water due to a weather emergency.

On Twitter, numerous Simpsons fans pointed out the similarities between Cruz’s response to the emergency and a 1993 episode of the long-running animated series.

In the scene, Springfield Mayor Joe Quimby gives a television interview claiming he canceled vacation plans to help the city cope with a pandemic. In truth, however, Quimby is filming the press conference from a beach in the Bahamas.

“The Simpsons did it again,” tweeted a fan along with the clip from the episode.

“Certainly this has been said, but not leaving your constituents for a tropical vacation is such a weirdly low bar it’s literally a Simpsons gag,” wrote podcaster Jesse Brenneman.

The Simpsons have long been credited with “predicting” the future. In addition to joking about a Trump presidency nearly two decades before Trump was actually elected, a subplot on an episode of the 1993 show drew comparisons to last year’s coronavirus pandemic.

Also featured in a 1996 episode was an anthropomorphic change that stormed the Capitol Building. This scene was repeated in January when Trump supporters attempted to storm the historic building.

Last month, fans also noted that when Kamala Harris’ wardrobe was inaugurated as Vice President, it matched an outfit that Lisa Simpson had once worn on the show. The episode in question took place in the future, with Lisa as US President.

On Thursday (February 18), Cruz admitted that the decision to travel to Cancun was a “mistake” but that he was “trying to become a father”.


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