Simon Cowell’s son compared him to Ironman after undergoing surgery for breaking his back

Simon Cowell's son compared him to Ironman after undergoing surgery for breaking his back

The 61-year-old media mogul suffered serious injuries after falling off his electric bike in August last year. He admitted that the “hardest part” was getting home from the hospital, wondering how to get the news to seven-year-old Eric. who he has with girlfriend Lauren Silverman – he was pleased with the youngster’s reaction.

He said, “I was so embarrassed to come home and see about 100 because I couldn’t walk and I have these metal bars in my back and these screws.

“I said, ‘Lauren, I just don’t know how to explain to Eric.’ She obviously said something to him because he came in … and I was in bed and he said, “Daddy, you are like Iron Man” and I thought that was cutest and it meant a lot. “

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Despite his shocking injury, the American Idol star admitted that things “could have been much worse” for him when he “almost” got into a situation where he could no longer walk.

He said, “It could have been a lot worse. When I saw the X-ray, I almost smashed my spine into pieces. So I literally couldn’t have walked. I knew I had broken my back the moment I landed. It was really, really sudden and it hurt. “

And although in his condition patients are told not to “move” after an injury, he wanted to do the opposite.

He said, “I thought, ‘I have to go back to the house because I can’t lie there,’ and somehow let me be carried to my bedroom, which is right there at the beginning of the house. And I lie there and pass out … It was surreal. “

But now Simon feels fitter than ever.

Adding to ‘Extra’, “I’ve never been in a situation in my life where you literally can’t move. The pain was off the charts but you have to stay positive. I promised myself that I would be fitter than before the accident. Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. “


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