Scarlett Moffatt will get her new veneers this weekend

Scarlett Moffatt will get her new veneers this weekend

The 30-year-old star is ready to visit the dentist on Saturday (02/27/21) and Scarlett admits that she can’t wait for the gap in her teeth to go away.

She said on her Instagram stories: “Little life update for me, as you can hear we are on a construction site and I am getting my new Gnashers on Saturday.

“Watch out for the gap … the gap will be gone, which is exciting!”

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Scarlett revealed her temporary veneers earlier this month, but admitted at the time that she couldn’t wait to find a permanent solution to the problem.

She shared, “So I just woke up. I had dentistry today.

“My mouth is still very numb. But I have temporary tops on now. These are my wrong ones, but hopefully in a couple of weeks I will have new veneers that I am very excited about.

“My old ones I had in London were moving and I had a gap – people mistook me for Madonna. There’s only one Madonna, so I’ll stay with Scarlett Moffatt. “

Meanwhile, Scarlett recently announced that she was planning her own funeral.

She said, “I’ve already planned my funeral. Mine will be like karaoke, I want so many songs. I even know what kind of velvet I want in my coffin.

“I want everyone to be really sad. I don’t want it to be joyful, I want people to go, “God we’re really going to miss them.”

“So I want projectors to play old episodes of ‘Gogglebox’ and ‘Saturday Night Takeaway’ on either side of my coffin, but just for me to laugh in slow motion and look really happy so everyone can say, ‘Look how happy they are was’. ”


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