Saweetie has revealed that she gets her makeup and fashion ideas from social media

Saweetie has revealed that she gets her makeup and fashion ideas from social media

The 27-year-old rapper, who has just curated her own SinfulColors nail polish collection, is as popular for her nail designs as she is for her music, and has shown that she gets all of her ideas from social media.

She said to Allure, “Social media. I have a rolling mood board that is just hair, nails, beauty, fashion, makeup, and outfits. So I have something that I always refer to, and [the graphic jelly nail set] has been on my mood board for a while. I was so happy to finally do that. “

When asked what her three favorite nails look like, she replied, “Oh, my top 3, it would definitely be my brown marble nails, graphic jelly nail set and my birthday nails that got the internet in a frenzy like super long. like three or four inch nails. “

The “My Type” star admitted that working with SinfulColors when she wore her polishes as a kid is a “full circle”.

She said, “It’s exciting. I remember growing up and my favorite SinfulColors [shades] they were pink and turquoise. I would do pink on the one hand, and then turquoise. So it’s definitely a childhood circle moment. “

And Saweetie even created her own nail art designs when she was younger and offered her services to girls at her school.

She shared, “I started loving nail art in high school, but SinfulColors gave me colors like pink and turquoise. Then I got a brush. I would pour out the paint and make designs on my hands. I remember in college trying to find new ways to make money. Girls would come to my dorm and I would do designs on their nails. “


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