Queen’s Roger Taylor described Brexit as a “terrible step backwards” for musicians and their crew

Queen's Roger Taylor described Brexit as a "terrible step backwards" for musicians and their crew

The 71-year-old drummer is the youngest musician to comment on touring following the Brexit touring after being banned from the Brexit trade deal. This means he may need to obtain a visa for every European country he wants to perform in policies that could result in artists unable to afford gambling in the EU.

Hitmaker “We Will Rock You” insisted that while many artists could fall back on their music and publishing revenues, the touring crews had been robbed of their revenues during the COVID-19 pandemic as they toured due to travel restrictions The fact that the government does not currently have any plans to renegotiate an agreement with the EU could also lose live crews out of their pockets.

On BBC Radio 4’s The World This Weekend, he said, “Borders are a terrible invention of mankind and so we’re putting a new one in place and I think it’s a terrible step backwards.

Roger, whose band was forced to postpone their European tour twice due to the COVID-19 pandemic, continued: “I know our street crew, all the people who make our tour work, they are the ones who have suffered.

“Not so much for the artists, we can rely on our songwriting and publishing, they can’t. It’s a daily, weekly job for them and has made it really difficult for our industry, very difficult indeed. “

Roger’s comments come after Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood urged the UK government to “renegotiate its provisions” in order to go on tour after Brexit.

Sir Elton John has also called for a “short term solution” to make it easier for British musicians to tour Europe.


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