Peter Andre enjoys aging

Peter Andre enjoys aging

Hitmaker ‘Mysterious Girl’ will turn 48 on February 27, but he’s not upset about his birthday, although he admitted he struggled when he reached the milestone of 40.

Write in his New! In a magazine he said: “This week it’s my birthday and I will be 48 years old. I feel really great for my age.

“I found turning 40 very difficult, but now I love aging and I’m all for it. Life just keeps getting better and I am very satisfied. “

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Peter’s sister recently got married in Australia and although the singer ‘Flava’ – has children Junior (15) and Princess (13) with ex-wife Katie Price and Amelia (7) and Theo (4) with spouse Emily – – about it was happy to see the wedding online, it was a “bittersweet” day because he wanted to be there in person.

He said, “It was so sad to have missed my sister Debbie’s wedding in Australia, but I’m glad we got to attend it virtually … It was a bittersweet situation not being there physically, but I was grateful to have one to be part of the day.

“The ceremony was at 4am in the UK so Emily and I saw her from the bed and J and P from their rooms. I told them not to get up but I love the way they made up their minds. “

To be part of the day, Peter and his sibling Chris, along with a friend, recorded a special song for Debbie.

He explained, “My brother and my brother Chris, along with my dear friend Wendi, recorded a cover of Lionel Richie and Diana Ross ” Endless Love, ” which she can walk down the aisle to. My sister asked that we sing her favorite song because we could not attend. “

And Peter joked that the track has been so well received since fans heard it online that it may spark a new business venture.

He said, “We had an overwhelming response to the song, so thank you.

“Hey, you never know I could make a ‘Choose your song’ for a special occasion!

“But seriously, I copyrighted:” Choose your song … virtual duets “in this column.”


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