Paul McCartney’s life in music is told in a new book due out November 2nd

Paul McCartney's life in music is told in a new book due out November 2nd

The Lyrics doesn’t come close to the long-awaited autobiography, but it does adequately reflect the life of one of the great songwriters through the music he created with The Beatles, Wings, and as a solo artist.

“More than I can count, I’ve been asked if I was going to write an autobiography, but the time was never right,” says McCartney.

“The only thing I’ve always managed to do at home or on the go is to write new songs. I know that when some people reach a certain age they like to go into a journal to remember everyday events from the past, but I don’t have such notebooks. “

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“What I have is my songs, hundreds of them that I’ve learned from almost the same purpose. And these songs have spanned my whole life. “

“I hope that what I’ve written shows people something about my songs and my life that they haven’t seen before.”

“I’ve been trying to say something about how music happens and what it means to me, and I hope what it can mean to others too.”

The Beatle was busier than ever during the lockdown, creating the third installment of his McCartney solo series last December.


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