Marti Pellow has revealed his upcoming solo album “Stargazer”.

Marti Pellow has revealed his upcoming solo album "Stargazer".

The former Wet Wet Wet frontman left the group ‘Love Is All Around’ in July 2017 to focus on his solo career. He announced his first solo studio performance since ‘Mysterious’ in March 2017 and gave fans a taste of what’s to come on the lead single, ‘These Are The Days’. He said of the LP, “I think ‘Stargazer’ is about fantasy, every day is a school day in songwriting, and that’s what this album brought me back to. It was a big learning curve. “

In the uplifting ballad, he added, “The lyrics of ‘These Are The Days’ really have their place in the world right now. It’s about growing up, me and my friends, just running through the streets, no worries in the world, these formative years that will help you become the man you will be. I love the simplicity. “

The 55 year old singer recorded the LP in Monnow Valley, Wales as a live stream of consciousness in two or three takes.

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A press release says that David Bowie, Harry Nilsson, Curtis Mayfield and John Lennon inspired “Stargazer”.

When Pellow announced his departure from Wet Wet Wet four years ago, he tweeted, “Hi everyone, I wanted you to know for the foreseeable future. I will concentrate on my solo work, I am excited about the future and see you out there x (sic). “

Pellow was the group’s lead singer – also consisting of Tommy Cunningham and Neile Mitchell – for more than three decades but admitted that his “heart and soul” are no longer with them.

He said at the time: “When I started at Wet Wet Wet, I gave 100% of my heart and soul to it, and that’s what it demands, and that’s what the fans ask for – and if I can’t, because my focus is elsewhere it’s not fair to the fans or the rest of the guys in the band. “

Pellow insisted that there be no bad feelings and he will always enjoy looking back on his time in the group.

He said, “I’m going to spend more time on my solo work – concerts, acting and my own songwriting – as an artist I feel a lot more solid in this world. I had a great time and loved my career at Wet Wet Wet. For me they will always be the best band in the world.

Pellow left the group in 1999 after struggling with a heroin addiction.


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