Madison Beer Says Her Skincare Routine Is Her Way Of “Thanking Her Skin And Body For Protection”

Madison Beer Says Her Skincare Routine Is Her Way Of "Thanking Her Skin And Body For Protection"

The 21-year-old singer never really took care of her skin until her acne went into quarantine. Now she uses her time applying products to appreciate how hard her “body and heart” are working.

Speaking to Vogue, she said, “It’s interesting, you’d think acne would make you want to get into skincare, but it really scared me because it would hurt and I would be afraid that it would make it worse .

So I stopped bothering with it when I went through this. “And then I would say quarantine, I was having a very hard time mentally so it was my way of spending time with myself at the end of the day and I want to thank my body and heart for working so hard . And I think skin care is a big part of it because I thank my skin and my body for protecting me.

“The ‘selfish’ hitmaker admitted that she spends most of her days without makeup because most of the time she is“ too lazy ”to use glamor.

She continued, “I feel like I’ve put on a little more makeup over the past two years. I never actually thought I’d be good at it, to be honest. I used to have eyelash extensions and I didn’t really care if I wore makeup because it felt like makeup to me. So I didn’t really put on any makeup. 99% of my days I don’t wear makeup at all. I’m just too lazy to be honest. But when I’m in the mood and have time to do a full face, I’ll do it because I love doing makeup.

Madison also insisted that certain beauty trends can be daunting, but her makeup artist has given her the ‘confidence’ to experiment. She added, “I never really have a nose contour because I’m scared of the unknown again. I have no idea what I’ll ever do when it comes to this. But my make-up artist has given me the confidence to be able to do this in recent years. “


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