Louis Theroux will explore the world of snooker in a new documentary series entitled “Gods Of Snooker”.

Louis Theroux will explore the world of snooker in a new documentary series entitled "Gods Of Snooker".

The famous documentary filmmaker will host the BBC Two series and work as executive producer on the show, which is being produced under his production company, Mindhouse Productions.

In Gods of Snooker, Louis meets some of the game’s best players, including former world champions Steve Davis, Cliff Thorburn and Ray Reardon.

In a statement, he said, “I couldn’t be more excited to be part of this documentary series. The story of the heyday of snooker is remarkable and full of drama, fear, and tremendous talent. Of the documentaries I’ve been involved in, what I’m most excited about is the most human: conflict, triumph, disaster, all the big emotions that play out before your eyes, and that is what you have here on a scale that is both epic – the national stage – but also intimate – the silence of the snooker hall. I’m old enough to remember the 1985 black ball final between Dennis Taylor and Steve Davis. I was 15 and everyone was talking about it at school.

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“But that was just one of many highlights at a time when god-like talent came to earth in the form of the professional snooker player. Just to add, we’ve had the privilege of working on it with almost all of the stars of the time. To say that I was on a documentary series with Steve Davis, Jimmy White, Ray Reardon, and Cliff Thorburn, to name a few, is an amazing feeling and honestly not something I have ever imagined. “

The documentary will be a three-part series that explores the golden age of snooker through the eyes of those who were involved in the sport at the time and is part of the BBC’s trio of sports-based documentaries.

In addition to “Gods of Snooker”, the BBC has also commissioned a three-part series entitled “Gold Rush”, which explores the history of British sports history before London 2012 Olympic glory, and “Freeze”, an eight-episode series for BBC Three, which describes the world of figure skating.

Clare Sillery, Commissioner, Documentaries, History and Religion, said: “I am excited to introduce three new documentary series that tell the compelling stories behind some of Britain’s most beloved superstars of the past, as well as some of the young hopefuls who are bidding You for fame in the future. These promise an exciting glimpse into the talent, hard work and sacrifice it takes to get to the top in sport. “


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