Lawyer Seeks Sexual Abuse Investigation Against TI and Tiny

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A lawyer representing nearly a dozen people is calling for a sexual abuse investigation against rapper TI and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris.

In a letter sent to state and federal agencies in Georgia and California, attorney Tyrone A. Blackburn, who represents the eleven “victims,” ​​alleged “sexual abuse, forced use of illegal narcotics, kidnapping, terrorist threats, and false imprisonment,” the rapper (maiden name Clifford Harris) and his wife from 2005 to 2018 who New York Times Reports.

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Five of the victims named in the letters said they had been raped or sexually assaulted by the couple. One of the women, a military veteran, says she was drugged by the couple after meeting them at a club. She was later taken to her hotel room where she claimed Tiny bathed her and TI, and the three of them had sex, during which the woman vomited.

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“The next thing she remembers was waking up naked on the couch with a towel thrown over her, with a very sore vagina,” the letter said. The woman’s friends confirmed her story to that Times.

In a statement too Rolling StoneThe couple’s attorney, Steve Sadow, said, “Clifford (TI) and Tameka Harris vehemently deny these unfounded and unfounded allegations. We are confident that if these allegations are thoroughly and fairly investigated, charges will not be brought. These allegations are nothing more than the continuation of a dirty shakedown campaign that began on social media. The Harrises beg everyone not to be dragged along by these overt attempts to manipulate the press and abuse the justice system. “

After several women shared their allegations of sexual abuse against TI and Tiny on social media – including Sabrina Peterson, who accused TI of sticking a gun to her head in an Instagram post in January. She then used her account to share testimony from over 30 women who claimed they were drugged, coerced, or forced to have sex and traded by the Harrises – production ceased on season four of the couple’s VH1. Reality show TI and Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle. Blackburn told this Times that none of his clients were among the women who alleged sexual abuse on social media.

An MTV Entertainment spokesperson said, “We are aware of the allegations and while they are unrelated to our show, we have reached out to TI and Tameka Harris, as well as local and state officials. Given the gravity of the allegations, we have decided to stop production for more information. “

The TI spokesman said in a statement: “Mr. and Mrs. Harris wants to be on file, and most importantly, that the public know that they strongly deny the outrageously appalling allegations Sabrina Peterson has made against her. The Harrises have had trouble with this woman for more than a decade. They take this matter very seriously and if these allegations don’t end they will take appropriate legal action. “

TI itself responded to the allegations in an eight-minute video from January 29th that was posted on Instagram. “We vehemently deny ALL of these disgusting, anonymous allegations,” the rapper wrote, saying that “women who have been victims deserve to be heard … but evil has no gender. People with evil intentions have no gender . Threats come in all shapes and sizes. I would never treat a woman as I would treat a threat. “

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