Laura Whitmore reveals the fate of Love Island in 2021

Laura Whitmore reveals the fate of Love Island in 2021

As we count down the days to June 21st after the roadmap to ending the lockdown was revealed, there’s one more important decision we await with bated breath: Will Love Island move on this year?

There has been much speculation that the ITV2 dating show would finally return to our screens this summer after last year’s series was postponed due to the pandemic. According to reports, the producers are doing everything they can to make this year’s edition the “greatest in show history”.

Well, the show’s host Laura Whitmore has provided an update on the new series – and it looks promising.

“I was told it was coming back,” she told Stella magazine.

Laura added, “I love it, it’s such a fun show. And I actually think it was good to have this break for everyone working on it because we all suffered a loss.

“It’s nice to see how much people missed the show. Apparently, applications are insane this year. Let’s just pray that the vaccines will be used. “

HOORAY. We have crossed everything.


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