Lady Gaga offers a $ 500,000 reward for returning French Bulldogs after shooting and stealing strollers

Lady Gaga offers a $ 500,000 reward for returning French Bulldogs after shooting and stealing strollers

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Analysis: The window for Republicans to challenge Donald Trump for 2024 is already tightening

It is becoming increasingly likely that Donald Trump will run for the White House again in 2024. His opponents, including some within the Republican Party, say four years is an eternity in politics and that a lot can change. But in reality it’s not four years. The candidates will officially announce their runs in early 2023. It’s only two years left. And they will quietly cultivate donors and influential supporters long before that. So it’s actually a pretty narrow window for everyone else to overtake Mr. Trump before his campaign juggernaut gets going. All eyes are on his speech this Sunday at CPAC, the annual Conservative conference that like Mr. Trump moved from Washington to Florida. In the speech he will emerge fully from his cocoon after the president. Evidence from Mar-a-Lago suggests that the speech will be designed in a way that would undoubtedly convince potential presidential candidates that he is still the alleged first choice. An adviser told The Telegraph that Mr Trump had spent the past few weeks taking a break and practicing his golf swing but was keen to get back into the fight. In terms of age, Mr Trump would be 78 years old on election day 2024. If successful, he would be the oldest person ever elected president. But he would be just six months older than Joe Biden on election day 2020. Even Mitt Romney admitted this week that the former president would easily win if he opted to run. Mr Romney, who has voted twice to convict Mr Trump on impeachment, said: “I don’t know if he will run or not in 2024, but if he does I am pretty sure he will win the nomination. ” There are a host of other contenders out there, but Mr Trump is way ahead of everyone in polls. Nikki Haley, his former UN ambassador and hope for 2024, received a clear message of his thinking. After criticizing Mr. Trump over the July 6 riot in the U.S. Capitol, he declined her request to meet in Mar-a-Lago. Mike Pence, who as his Vice President would be the obvious successor to Mr Trump, has declined an invitation to speak at CPAC. That was surprising as he usually speaks. Mr Pence is not supposed to go public for at least six months. Meanwhile, Ted Cruz, who finished runner-up behind Trump in the 2016 Republican nomination, had tried to do better this time around. Instead, he may have fallen at the first hurdle after opting for a family vacation in Cancun while Texas, the state he represents as a senator, collapsed under a devastating storm that left millions without electricity. (See video below)

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