Katie Price’s eldest son is “excited” to leave the house

Katie Price's eldest son is "excited" to leave the house

The 18-year-old Harvey Price, who suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome and septooptic dysplasia and is also on the autistic spectrum, is returning to a residential school, where he will be housed in a special “transition room” before moving to a technical college.

In a new YouTube video, Katie and her family were enjoying a pizza to celebrate their friend Carl Woods’ birthday when Harvey exclaimed, “I’m excited.”

His mother asked him, “Are you looking forward to going to a dormitory again?

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“Do you know what they do when you go back? They give you a new bedroom, I think it’s called a “transition room” when you’re ready to go to college.

“What do you think?”

Harvey’s 13-year-old half-sister Princess added, “And you can take the frog I got you for Christmas.”

Harvey replied, “Yes, princess and mom, I’m excited.”

It appears that the teenager is returning to his residential school, as it was recently revealed that Katie is continuing her search for a suitable college, despite having applied to attend the National Star College in Cheltenham, she fears it is too far away from her out of their Sussex home for quick access in an emergency and possibly difficulty obtaining government funding to cover the £ 350,000 cost the college needs annually to house Harvey and ensure his complex needs are met .

Katie’s friend, autism activist Anna Kennedy, said, “She wants to see a few more to make sure it’s the right place for him because it’s a three hour drive away so it’s quite a hike.

“She hadn’t even thought of that. She said, “I’ll be there, I can help him,” but I said, “If Harvey is three hours from you, he could already be in the unit by the time you get there.”

“She wants to go to college … but obviously we have nowhere to go right now. She wants to know if there are any other colleges I can think of, but I think I’ve exhausted my options now

“I said to her, ‘You have to keep your options open’ because you could say, ‘We’re not going to fund this placement for Harvey’ with the cuts and everything that’s going on in the local authorities.”


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