Katie Mcglynn thinks she’s “totally out.” [Her] Depth ‘On’ Stand Up & Deliver ‘

Katie Mcglynn thinks she's "totally out." [Her] Depth 'On' Stand Up & Deliver '

The 27-year-old actress who played Sinead Tinker on Coronation Street is ready to star on the Channel 4 comedy show, and she admits she’s concerned about her stand-up routine.

She shared: “I am completely overwhelmed!

“I enjoyed it, but I haven’t done the performance yet, so I’m absolutely nervous. I always try to find a fun side of things, but it’s completely different from anything I’ve ever done. I just hope people laugh. “

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Katie has tested her routine on her friends – but she remains unsure of some of her jokes.

She told the Sunday Mirror notebook magazine, “I haven’t really tested it on my father. But I tested it on my friend and I just said, “Can I say that? Shouldn’t I say that? ‘

“But because it’s a comedy, you can joke more about certain things.

“I didn’t do it in front of my family, but I did it in front of my friends just to check that everything was okay. I mean, I could have gone further with a few things, but I just didn’t.

“I really hope it’s funny and people relate to it because that’s sometimes the whole point of comedy – you have to relate to things.”

When asked how to deal with hecklers, Katie, who was seen on Coronation Street between 2013 and 2020, replied, “To be honest, I hope there are no hecklers!

“I’ll try to ignore it unless it’s really bad – then I’ll just have to put it on the set or it might be a little weird.”


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