Kate Middleton’s clothes appear to have seats when she arrives by plane

Kate Middleton's clothes appear to have seats when she arrives by plane

Without a doubt the most talked-about family in the world, the Cambridges have news for everything from their move to Anm Hall to the Snow Day of Dreams to Prince Louis’ Royal Wave and Princess Charlotte’s signature Sass.

Recently, however, it was Kate Middleton who made the news, but not for her royal work or homework. Instead, details were revealed about how she travels on airplanes.

According to Royal Correspondent Emily Andrews, the Duchess of Cambridge is regularly given a free space to hang her clothes to make sure it doesn’t get puckered.

The royal expert revealed the detail in Channel 5’s documentary, Secrets of the Royal Flight.

“When we go to the airports, especially if it’s only hand luggage, we obviously try to put all of our toiletries in that plastic bag,” she said. “It’s never big enough.”

Emily went on to talk about royals not having to worry about the same baggage restrictions, recalling that she “had been on a plane where Kate’s clothes had their own seat to make sure they were kept flat”.

She continued, “You’re not going to be shoved into the hole just to be squeezed by everyone else.”

Well that’s it.

The secrets of the royal flight can be viewed on channel 5.


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