Kate Garraway is still not allowed to see her husband Derek Draper

Kate Garraway is still not allowed to see her husband Derek Draper

Good Morning Britain’s co-host’s partner has been in hospital since March last year after contracting coronavirus. Due to recent pandemic restrictions, the 53-year-old TV presenter has not been able to watch Derek for two months.

Guest Frank Bruno said about ‘GMB’: “We all go through ups and downs. When you see your husband today, Kate, give him my regards. “

Kate replied, “I’ll do it. Unfortunately I am not allowed to, I haven’t had it for two months.

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“But I’ll try to pass this message on, that’s very nice. I will try to do that. “

He has been coronavirus free since Derek was hospitalized last March, but he is still “ravaged” by the effects of the deadly infection.

Kate previously admitted that the situation is difficult for her to deal with.

In January she explained, “It was a strange time, I’ve been a little down since Christmas – physically weak, I felt physically at the end of my leash and had to regroup a bit.

“This week a friend of my mother-in-law who is 51 years old – younger than me – died of COVID. She got it for Christmas, it went down very quickly, and she died. I just thought I can’t believe we’re ready here.

“Derek is still devastated by the effects of COVID in March and his recovery is incredibly uncertain.” I try to look for new things and new ways and talk to doctors about what we can do for him while people are still dying in extraordinary numbers – people who are not older and have no basic conditions is unbearable. “


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