Karamo Brown wants twin daughters

Karamo Brown wants twin daughters

The “Queer Eye” star missed the childhood of his now 22-year-old son Jason and would like to start looking after a child at a young age. He loves the idea of ​​having two little girls of his own.

Karamo, who also adopted Jason’s half-brother Chris (20) in 2011, said: “You know, I didn’t have the opportunity to have my son when he was a baby. I got it when he was 10.

“I want a little baby and now I have the financial means, I have security in my life, I could do it.”

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Talking about his dream of having twin girls, he added, “I think they would be so cute. I would pamper you. “

Last year, the 40-year-old star broke up with his fiancé Ian Jordan after 10 years and despite being single at the moment, Karamo is dying to get married.

On the Just the Sip podcast, he said, “I’ve been to a place where I was ready to get married, and I’m still in that place.

“I just broke up the guy I was with, but I wake up every day literally longing. I’m the guy who wants to get married. “

And Karamo even set a deadline to tie the knot and he wants his partner to be someone who wants kids too.

He said, “I need to know whoever I date we’re on the same page because to be honest – and you’ll hear that first – I have to be married by 2023. I want to be married

“I don’t have time to play. I know what I want.”

But the culture expert admitted that the dating world has changed a lot since he was last single, although he continues to positively assess his chances of finding a relationship.

He said, “The dating world has changed in the last 10 years since I was originally in it.

“People are going to make you think all kinds of things about yourself, and you really need to sit back and say, ‘Wait, I know better. ‘

“I believe as long as I maintain my beliefs, morals and ethics, I can root out anyone whose intentions are not right.”


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