Jane Danson’s dog was her “savior” amid the coronavirus lockdown

Jane Danson's dog was her "savior" amid the coronavirus lockdown

The 42-year-old actress, who plays Leanne Battersby on ITV Soap, has revealed that she spent time with her beloved pooch and took “endless walks” during lockdown to cure her boredom.

She shared, “I have a dog and that was my savior. I go for endless walks.

“I haven’t seen my mother in two months, but I feel a little guilty about other people going through terrible things and sadly losing people. The work helped me too. It was a distraction. “

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The soap star also watched a lot of TV.

Jane admitted that watching TV is actually her favorite way to relax.

She told the Metro newspaper: “My passion is television. I love settling down with my family before a good show.

“I just saw ‘Bridgerton’ which was special because Phoebe, the daughter of Sally Dynevor, was starring. And I just finished ‘It’s A Sin’ which blew my mind. “

Jane, who first visited Coronation Street in 1997, is determined to travel a bit more when the coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

The actress is particularly keen on going Down Under to visit her sister in Australia, where she has lived for more than a decade.

She said, “I really want to travel more. Now we can’t and that shows how much we take things for granted.

“I was only once in Australia with my sister. She’s been out there for 11 years which is a huge part of our lives. “


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