Jamie Spears’ attorney says “people got it so wrong”: he “saved” Britney

Jamie Spears' attorney says "people got it so wrong": he "saved" Britney

Britney Spears with her father Jamie Spears in February 2008 – the month the Conservatory was established. (Photos by Hector Vasquez / BuzzFoto.com)

Jamie Spears speaks through his lawyer about daughter Britney Spears’ controversial conservatory – and says “people got it so wrong”.

Vivian Lee Thoreen appeared on Good morning America Thursday amid the #FreeBritney movement and after the release of Framing Britney Spears and said the narrative that he is the “bad guy” in all of this is wrong. It is the truth that he “saved his daughter from a life-threatening situation”.

“I understand every story wants a bad guy, but people got it so wrong here,” Thoreen said. “This is a story about an extremely loving, dedicated, and loyal father who saved his daughter from a life threatening situation. People harmed her and they exploited her. Jamie saved Britney’s life.”

Britney’s father founded a conservatory in 2003 after successive involuntary hospital stays and after losing custody and visiting her then young sons, a conservatory that was used in extreme circumstances for people unable to fend for themselves. He is currently co-curator of her estate, along with a finance company, and there is a separate Conservatory dedicated to Britney’s person, overseen by Jodi Montgomery. Since last year, Britney has been trying to remove her father from his role through her court-appointed attorney, claiming they haven’t spoken since last summer and a broken relationship.

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Thoreen said Britney’s fortune was “badly managed” when Jamie stepped in in 2008 and turned her fortune from $ 2.8 million to nearly $ 60 million. While Britney is currently on a labor strike until Jamie drops out as a conservator, Thoreen insisted, “He worked with her. When she’s ready to perform, she’s played. If she wants to record an album, she can record an album. And if she wants to live her life the way she wants it, like a normal person, he’s worked with her to do that too. “

Why does Britney say she is “scared” of him and wants him out? Seeming not to know, Thoreen said, “Throughout 2020, Britney and her father had a lot of conversations. In fact, at the start of the pandemic, they spent two weeks with other family members who had settled in Louisiana. Britney and Jamie made long car trips played and worked in the family garden. And every night Jamie cooked Mediterranean comfort food that the family ate and enjoyed together. During this time, Britney never uttered these words to her father. She never asked him to step aside. “”

Jamie shared family videos from that time in Louisiana showing them together in the yard to back up his case that their relationship appeared to be fine until last spring. (Although there was no mention that the restraining order against Jamie was issued in 2019 after he quarreled with one of Britney’s teenage sons.)

When asked why Britney’s attorney would say she was “scared” of him, Thoreen insisted that “Britney Jamie never said these things” or asked him to “stand aside.”

She added, “Jamie loves his daughter. As in any other family, problems arise from time to time. But this in no way detracts from the love and support they have for one another. Britney knows that her father can love her and her Call him anytime, Conservatory or not. “

Why He Won’t Resign: “Jamie is Britney’s curator because he loves her. He wants the best for her.” And he “looks forward” to working with Bessemer Trust, the co-curator in the administration of Britney’s estate.

Thoreen – who wasn’t asked about Britney’s friend’s comments recently calling Jamie a dick – said she wasn’t sure why Britney hadn’t tried to correct the record and said, “You have to ask Britney.”

And she reminded that Britney can quit the Conservatory at any time, but she hasn’t made up her mind to do so yet.

“Whenever Britney wants to quit her conservatory, she can ask her attorney to file a motion to quit,” Thoreen said. She said the singer “always had this right” but “never exercised it”.

Britney’s conservatoire attorney Sam Ingham would not tell ABC News. Britney’s only comment on the drama lately was this post where she said she enjoyed not working and being a normal person. And “no matter what we think we know, it is nothing compared to the actual person who lives behind the lens !!!!”

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