James Earl Jones celebrates his birthday with a strawberry shortcake and a big wish

James Earl Jones celebrates his birthday with a strawberry shortcake and a big wish

There will be cake. James Earl Jones celebrates his 90th birthday in style on Sunday from his New York home.

“I’ll have to keep reminding myself that it’s my birthday,” Jones wrote TODAY in an email to the US, adding that I’ll make an exception on this special day and enjoy a piece of strawberry shortcake, mine Favourite! “

Jones says he feels amazing and grateful at 90. When I look back on my life and long career, I am so proud of my work and achievements. I love getting older and wiser over time.

James Earl Jones: It’s okay, says “The Lion King” director Jon Favreau

James Earl Jones, who turns 90 on Sunday, stars in “Coming 2 America”.

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The legendary Broadway stage and screen actor with the iconic, commanding voice has sung with two of his most famous characters – King of the Pride Lands, Mufasa – in the remake “Lion King” of 2019 and as Lord Vader in 2019 ” Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker “.

When Jones did not appear at the 2019 Los Angeles premiere of “The Lion King,” fans expressed concern, but director Jon Favreau reassured everyone that the actor was fine.

Oscar-nominated Jones will make his next appearance as King Jaffe Joffer on Coming 2 America (streaming March 5th on Amazon Prime), the King of (fictional) Zamunda and father of Prince Hakeem (Eddie Murphy).

Director Craig Brewer told USA TODAY that when Jones showed up on the set (pre-pandemic) to direct his role, it was like visiting real royalty.

“We were very calm and very awesome,” says Brewer. “And then (costume designer) Ruth Carter broke the ice and said, ‘James Earl Jones, ladies and gentlemen!’ The whole crew just applauded and that smile came on his face. “

Jones writes that it was “an honor” for him to return to the role in the original 1988 comedy Coming to America. and “touched by their reaction. Being on set brought back the wonderful memories. And seeing so many familiar faces again was pure joy.”

As for life lessons from age 90, Jones says it’s all about experience in difficult times.

“I can say that those of us who have lived 90 years have no right to be surprised,” writes Jones.

He vows to pray for better times next year with his birthday wish: “So that we can heal and move forward, we must learn to love and respect one another. That will be my wish when I blow out my birthday candles.”

While his productive work has slowed down in recent years, Jones insists, “I feel young at heart and I love to work and will keep acting as long as possible.” On his birthday, he will “spend the day thinking about years gone by and thinking about what’s next”.

“Or maybe I’ll celebrate the day by seeing ‘Coming to America’ again!”

Regina King and Wendell Pierce tweeted birthday greetings on Sunday“To my mentor and inspiration, Happy 90th Birthday to James Earl Jones. One of the greatest artists of our generation. May you be continually blessed,” wrote Pierce.

This article originally appeared in the US TODAY: ‘Coming 2 America’: James Earl Jones is returning to his 90th birthday

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