Holly Willoughby said she will “lick” Phillip Schofield’s face to celebrate the end of the lockdown on June 21

Holly Willoughby said she will "lick" Phillip Schofield's face to celebrate the end of the lockdown on June 21

The infamous duo This Morning discussed Boris Johnson’s roadmap out of current action, with both of them embroiled in the excitement.

Holly asked Phil, “What are you going to do first (once the ban is over).”

Phil struggled to think for a second before answering, “I just want someone to sit in the garden!” Holly reminded him that he could do so on March 29th.

“It’s all what you are allowed to do on a blackboard,” said Phil before Holly added, “It’s a Monday, the first thing I’ll do is hug you …”

Phil bursts into laughter when Holly says, “I’ll lick your face” to celebrate the end of lockdown and social distancing measures in England on June 21

What she said next left Phil in the lurch: “… I could lick your face!”

“Will you lick my face on June 21st?!?” Phil said before Holly added, “I could do it, yes!”.

The duo then discussed the possibility of finally being able to sit next to each other again after almost a year two meters apart in the studio:

“Can you imagine how weird it will be? I then assume that we have our own rules in the building and in the ITV. So if we follow our roadmap, it means I can actually take this one up and sit over there. “Said Phil ::

“That’ll be the truest sign after we’ve been through it together since last March … maybe that’s the sign for me when I can pick up my chair and get there.”

Holly added, “Absolutely! It’ll happen soon guys! “

The viewers that morning shared their own excitement with Holly and Phil on Twitter.

One person said, “As soon as this ban ends, I’ll see my boyfriend and hug him and my grandma, whom I haven’t seen since March.”

Another added, “Oh, don’t, I’m crying here, lol I’m like a kid looking forward to 6 weeks of vacation or Christmas, that excited feeling in your stomach that some things are going to be good.”

A third tweet: “Lick your face!” Hahaha love it … “

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