Gina Carano says she has a story about Disney that “could turn things around in the media”

Gina Carano says she has a story about Disney that "could turn things around in the media"

Earlier this month it was announced that the actor, who appeared as Cara Dune on the Disney Plus series The Mandalorian, would no longer be part of the upcoming Disney productions after sharing a post that appeared to be on par with it today To be Republican and to be Jewish during the Holocaust.

In response to the post, Disney’s Lucasfilm called her comments “hideous and unacceptable”.

Carano has now participated in her first seated interview since the announcement on right-wing news website The Daily Wire, which aired on Sunday (Feb.21).

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In the interview, Carano said that she felt like she was “head hunting” Disney and had “been through so much”.

“I’m not the only one who’s ever been bullied by this company. I know that very well, ”Carano said to host Ben Shapiro, recalling an unknown incident in which she claimed to have treated other people from the company also badly. She did not reveal any evidence to support her claim.

“I could share a story and it would turn things around in the media, but I can’t do that because it would sell out a friend I don’t really have. I’m not going to sell anyone to divert attention from me. “

She continued, “If that person said something about how hard I tried to punch for that person, it would change things, but everyone is scared of losing their job.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Carano said that she had “reached an agreement” with her former Mandalorian co-star Pedro Pascal on their conflicting political beliefs.


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