George Floyd courthouse barricaded with barbed wire, fencing

George Floyd courthouse barricaded with barbed wire, fencing

The courthouse where Derek Chauvin is tried for the murder of George Floyd looks like the same fortress currently located near the U.S. Capitol and heavily fortified to block the public.

Construction workers have worked hard over the past week to fortify downtown Minneapolis with de facto force fields, including areas where protests and riots are expected as Chauvin’s murder trial begins in the coming weeks.

The blockade extends around the Hennepin County Courthouse, Minneapolis City Hall, and Hennepin County Jail, and includes concrete barriers, non-scalable fences, and barbed wire below.

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The precautionary measures aren’t all that surprising considering the city council just worked out part of their budget to hire 6 social media influencers to help get their message across during the process as well.

City council members say it’s just meant to help spread information more easily and to as many people as possible, but many see it as a PR tactic to help control the narrative.

As for the new exterior look, we know that isn’t the only thing that will be different in this case. The inside of the courthouse received a COVID security facelift that includes lots of plexiglass installments.

The selection of the jury begins on March 8th. The opening arguments are expected towards the end of the month.


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