Gary Oldman like a “disguise” when he works

Gary Oldman like a "disguise" when he works

The 62-year-old actor feels that he can “hide” his insecurity with make-up and prostheses, and that way he feels much “more comfortable”. When he played the screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz in “Mank”, he felt vulnerable at first before they finally found the job “liberating”.

He said, “I like disguise because of my own insecurity. When I can hide, I feel more comfortable. I don’t know, maybe it comes back to my not feeling worthy.

“I’m going to be 24 years sober in March, but I remember all the things that made me have a drink, you know?

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So if David [Finscher, director] said: “I want you naked like never before, I don’t want a veil between you and the audience”, it played into my insecurities. He said, “Trust me”. So go ahead, ‘OK’. Really, it was the best call. Oddly enough, after a few days it was quite liberating. “

Gary won an Oscar for portraying the late Prime Minister Winston Churchill on Darkest Hour, and although the politician was known for his great speeches, the actor’s favorite scene did not involve dialogue.

Speaking to John David Washington, Ben Affleck, Sacha Baron Cohen, Delroy Lindo and Steven Yeun for the Hollywood Reporter’s Actors Roundtable, he said, “Churchill wrote more words than Dickens and Shakespeare combined, and he was a public speaker. But someone asked me, “What is your favorite scene on Darkest Hour?”

And my favorite scene was Churchill walking down a hallway: listening to Hitler radio, turning around and closing the door to lock Hitler out. There is no dialogue, just the physicality, the action, the intention, the thought.

“The way Joe Wright staged it, it’s a quiet moment and one of my favorites.”

When it comes to his work, the “Harry Potter” star is more interested in “the journey” than in the finished film.

He said, “I’m not that concerned about the end product. I like the trip. What could be nicer than waking up in the morning and saying, “God, wow, the car is here early. Damn, I’m getting in. I want to see these people that I work with. ‘I wake up feeling so blessed that I’m in a career where I want to go to work. “


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