Fans have expanded their support for BBC Radio 2 host Jo Whiley

Fans have expanded their support for BBC Radio 2 host Jo Whiley

Fans have extended their support to BBC Radio 2 host Jo Whiley, who missed last night’s show after her sister was hospitalized with Covid-19.

The broadcaster had campaigned for her sister Frances, who suffers from learning difficulties and diabetes, to receive the Covid vaccine.

Wiley wrote on social media that her sister was “very poor” and contracted the disease after an outbreak in her Northamptonshire nursing home.

“I’m not feeling shiny or happy tonight, I’m very scared,” she wrote on Twitter yesterday after announcing her absence from the show.

Whiley wrote on Instagram: “So…. for now [Frances is] in the hospital with my mother – thank god. It’s horrible not to be able to hug her, hold her hand, and help my parents.

“X-rays show signs of pneumonia – their oxygen levels were dangerously low at times and they managed to successfully sedate them for about 45 minutes, which gave their oxygen a good boost and we hope. However, she is awake now and the night is young but long. Let’s see how it turns out at the end … “

In the comments below the post, support for Whiley and her family flooded in from fans.

“Send so much love to your entire family during this difficult time,” wrote one Instagram follower. I pray this is just a hiccup and that Frances will feel better very soon. “

“Oh Jo, your posts were so difficult to read that you can only imagine how difficult it is for you and your whole family,” wrote another. “You are all on my mind as you fight this.”

Earlier this week, Whiley spoke about her concern for her sister’s well-being.

The host said she was living “a nightmare” and expressed frustration at being offered a vaccine in front of her sister.


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