Ellie Goulding and her husband Caspar Jopling are expecting their first child

Ellie Goulding and her husband Caspar Jopling are expecting their first child

The Burn singer announced in an interview with Vogue.co.uk that she is 30 weeks pregnant and she admitted it came as a surprise.

“I was pregnant and had no idea,” she told British Vogue. “That was (roughly) the time when Caspar and I went away briefly, when we were allowed to celebrate our one-year anniversary, and that’s basically what we found out. It was crazy because it was our one year anniversary. That wasn’t the plan.

“The thought of getting pregnant didn’t seem to be a reality. When I got pregnant I felt human. I want a better word than feminine, (but) I have curves that I’ve never had before. I enjoy it. My husband enjoys it. “

The fitness-loving singer admitted that unlike her usual healthy diet, she craves sugar and carbohydrates.

“I was no longer complacent about how healthy my salads and breakfast were and how I ate nuts and seeds and then all I wanted was McDonald’s,” she said. “And I was a little scared, I suddenly wanted all the bad things! Whatever this baby was doing when it took over, my body was like, damn no, I don’t want broccoli, spinach, collards! I just wanted sugar and carbohydrates. “

The Army hitmaker did not disclose the gender of her baby, but did admit that she knows the gender of the baby.

“We found out by default because we had a scan. (But) it wasn’t a thing. We just wanted a healthy baby and there wasn’t much more to it. Instinctively, gender exposure isn’t my thing, ”she shared.

Goulding and Jopling got married in August 2019.


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