Dark comedy drama I Hate Suzie will be back for a second series, Sky has announced

Dark comedy drama I Hate Suzie will be back for a second series, Sky has announced

Created by Lucy Prebble and Billie Piper from a call girl’s secret diary, the series aired on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV last August and stars Piper as the title actress whose career is in chaos when nude photos of her are leaked .

I Hate Suzie’s first series, which aired on HBO Max in the US, also starred Daniel Ings of The Crown as Suzie’s husband Cob, Leila Farzad of Innocent as Suzie’s agent Naomi, and Nathaniel Martello-White of Collateral as Carter, Suzie’s lover and colleague .

Back in January, RadioTimes.com revealed that Piper and Prebble were workshopping storylines for the second series of I Hate Suzie, followed by the first series, in which all eight episodes dealt with a different phase of grief.

“It’s the whole drama Mick, I just love it!”

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While Piper told Radio Times in August last year that she used her personal experience playing Suzie – a former pop star who is becoming a great television actress – she said, “I know exactly how it feels, and I am sure it will feed into my performance.

“I’m just about to come to terms with a lot. In my 20s, much of my stress from that period was buried, and I still have trouble remembering much of it. “

Piper rose to fame at the age of 15 with her debut single, “Because We Want,” before switching from music to television and starring Rose Tyler on the reboot of Doctor Who in 2005 – a role she recently said she “would not return to.” “.


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