Dani Dyer feels attached to her baby “At The Hip”

Dani Dyer feels attached to her baby "At The Hip"

The 24-year-old television star gave birth to son Santiago on January 23, and she has admitted they are currently inseparable.

In an Instagram video, Dani said, “This boy just wants to cuddle today. I put him down and he whimpers, he moans, then he stares at me.

“He literally watched me eat soup today and watched me eat the whole time. And as soon as I pick him up, he just falls asleep and snores. “

Dani then shared a photo of herself with Santiago, who slept in her arms.

The actress, who is the daughter of ‘EastEnders’ star Danny Dyer, wrote: “I’ve been hip bandaged all day praying to have my dinner tonight [laughing emoji] (sic) ”

Dani posted the picture shortly after revealing that she was struggling with “hot sweat” the night after the birth of her son.

The ‘Love Island’ star and boyfriend Sammy Kimmence adjusted to the challenge of parenting, and Dani admitted she had night sweats after giving birth.

Dani shared her motherhood experience and said, “I’ll tell you the hot sweats now – I get … oh my god, the smell under my armpits at night. I’ve never seen anything like it. Apparently it’s so normal for you to just sweat.

“I wake up and there is a puddle. It is very bad. What upsets me is that Santi is obviously under my armpit with breastfeeding and I think my poor son. It’s common – I think it’s the hormones. “

Even so, Dani generally enjoys the challenge of motherhood.

She said, “I’m going there now, don’t get me wrong. There are days when I haven’t found out, I haven’t showered all day. I remember sitting there all day thinking, “Am I doing it wrong?”

“In the end I have to take a step back and enjoy it, every baby is different.”


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