Cush Jumbo “cried for days” after finishing her first acting job

Cush Jumbo "cried for days" after finishing her first acting job

The 35-year-old star took the stage in London at the age of 11 when she appeared in a stage production of ‘Cinderella’ with Cheryl Baker and Tessa Sanderson. After the last show, she was devastated.

The actress said: “My first professional show was ‘Cinderella’ in Lewisham with Cheryl Baker and Tessa Sanderson, the javelin thrower. Bodger and Badger were there. I was 11 and flew high!

“My mom says I cried for days after it ended. Acting attracts different people from different backgrounds, but when we’re in a group together everyone seems to be able to build these relationships very quickly.

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“I spoke to a theater consultant once and she said actors don’t give each other enough credit for being in a relationship every time – sometimes it’s intense, sometimes it’s an affair, but you give away a little bit of yourself every time . ”

Cush also remembered the counselor, who gave her further advice on her career and approach to acting.

She told the Guardian, “The other thing the counselor said to me is that when you play a role, your brain knows you are playing a character, but your body doesn’t.

“When you are traumatized, the body retains a memory. There’s only so long until you can do that.

“People who aren’t actors like to toss around those terms like ‘methodology’ and ‘people who really go there’. It’s the best line – you try to go as far as possible within the role and be the most authentic, but you try to do all of these other tasks at the same time.

“You still have to be accountable to your teammates and you need perseverance to get through the run. You don’t want to break down because you’re so complete in it. “


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