Controversial rapper Azealia Banks has come under fire after cursing Instagram

Controversial rapper Azealia Banks has come under fire after cursing Instagram

Singer ‘212’ announced her engagement to artist Ryder Ripps on Sunday and shared a picture of her new engagement ring with a menorah.

“I said yes!!!” she wrote on the picture. In the caption, she told her followers: β€œI am now a Jew. MAZEL TOV BI *****! ”

Along with a number of congratulatory comments on the post, a Banks fan said that Judaism “doesn’t work that way,” adding that she would have to convert to Judaism to be considered Jewish rather than just married to a Jewish man .

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The rapper then went on a tirade in a series of responses, making abusive comments about the sex confirmation surgery, arguing that Banks should be accepted as a Jew as society does “mental gymnastics” to accept trans women.

“I’m a Jew now … you can’t stop me,” she added.

The banks continued to make numerous comments expressing various harmful stereotypes about transgender people.

Banks was immediately called in for the hurtful and red-hot statements, so she started trending on Twitter.

Angelica Ross, actress and trans rights attorney, said, β€œAzealia Banks transphobia. My heart hurts too much for me to take care of the trash that comes out of her mouth. “

Others called the whole situation “disgusting” and “more than disappointing” and asked why they still had such a large platform at all.

This is certainly not the first time Banks has been controversial as she has had numerous feuds with other celebrities and has made racist, anti-gay, and even anti-Irish comments in the past.

The Banks fan has argued that there is a double standard in the industry: if Banks colleagues like Kanye West made similar comments, some say the media coverage would not be as harsh. But it really does seem like, as one person put it, it’s time for fans to “let Azealia Banks go.”


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