Chris D’Elia got over his sexual misconduct scandals by claiming he didn’t do anything illegal

Chris D'Elia got over his sexual misconduct scandals by claiming he didn't do anything illegal

The Whitney actor was forced to defend himself last year after a number of women made allegations of inappropriate behavior by the comedy star, who also leaked part of his private messages with alleged victims online. He was also accused of requesting nude photos of several underage girls.

He claimed all of his sexual interactions were consensual, but he was immediately dropped by his talent agents and now, after months of silence, D’Elia has brought up the controversy with fans.

On a YouTube video message, the comedian said to fans, “First of all, I know what about all the things that have been said and the emails that have been posted there and what the media has tried to say and i i know it looks bad (But) I stand by the fact that all of my relationships were consensual and legal. “

He continued to admit that sex “controls” his life, but he has worked to become a better man and is determined to undergo therapy.

“It (sex) was the focus, it was my focus all along. And I had a problem and I have a problem, ”he confessed.

“It’s not like everything is better months later. I have to work on that. “

The 40-year-old went on to say he leads a lifestyle he has no idea how to quit, as he cheated on almost all of the women he was in relationship with, including his current fiancée Kristin Taylor.

He added, “It was out of control so this is my chance to apologize to the people involved in this situation and the lies I would tell my fiancée, friends and myself. ”

Commenting on his recovery journey, he remarked, “The hardest thing ever to look at yourself and realize that it is what it is, and you did and you are.”


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