Blizzard Entertainment has finally revealed Rogue, the fourth class that will be included in Diablo IV

Blizzard Entertainment has finally revealed Rogue, the fourth class that will be included in Diablo IV

The Rogue class was revealed during the company’s annual BlizzCon event, which was entirely online this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Like the previously revealed Barbarian, Sorceress, and Druid classes, Rogue isn’t an entirely new class in the Diablo franchise. It was part of the original 1997 Diablo game, but it wasn’t included in Diablo II or Diablo III.

Rogue is a skill-based character class with a versatile skill tree that allows players to perform both melee and ranged attacks, as well as setting traps or using shadow magic. For Diablo IV, the class can be classified as a cross between the Demon Hunter and Assassin classes.

The Rogue class was shown off via a beefy trailer that combines a bloody movie clip with a gameplay montage of Rogue in action. Speaking to Polygon, Diablo IV Game Director Luis Barriga shed light on the return of the class and how it has been redesigned for the upcoming game.

“We took villain Diablo I as a starting point for aesthetics and fantasy. We took some of our favorite elements from other skill classes. and then we added some new ideas that we thought were appropriate specifically for the Diablo villain, ”said Barriga.

The developers also explained some of the capabilities of rogue. Rogue comes with a unique system – Weapon Imbue. Barigga stated, “The Weapon Imbue system is brand new. [that] We have never worked in a class. “

“[It’s] Basically a button you push, and whether it’s frost or poison or shadow, all your attacks now take on that quality, ”he continued. Rogue also comes with three different specializations: Combo Points, Shadow Realm and Exploit Weakness.

Barriga said the Combo Points “make combat almost a rhythm game,” while Shadow Realm allows players to “build around and be the ultimate so they can split up the battlefield.” It can be used for both attack and defense. “Exploit weakness, on the other hand, inflicts additional damage on opponents waiting for their larger attacks. “It’s a twitching mechanic,” said Barriga.

While Blizzard unveiled fourth grade in Diablo IV, gamers were warned that the game won’t launch this year. A fifth grade is also expected for the game, according to Polygon, but this has not yet been announced.


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