Billie Eilish has been granted an injunction against an alleged stalker

Billie Eilish has been granted an injunction against an alleged stalker

Billie Eilish has received an injunction against a suspected stalker who she says is camped outside her Los Angeles family home and is throwing “extremely disturbing” letters on her property, according to NBC News documents.

In a motion filed in LA District Court, Eilish, 19, said that 23-year-old John Hearle camped outside a school across from the family residence and sat on the school fence to look inside their home. She said Hearle molested and threatened her and made a gesture when he saw her.

His presence, she wrote, caused her “emotional hurt, including fear for my safety, fear for the safety of my family, and loss of my sense of peace, calm and security in my home and personal surroundings as a result of the repeated cases of harassment ”.

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Eilish wrote: “I no longer feel safe when I go outside my home and do physical activity in my neighborhood as it could try to approach me and injure me. . . Every time I see him I just want to scream. “

The Guardian has asked Eilish representatives for comment.

In June 2020, a judge extended an injunction against Prenell Rousseau to three years after visiting Eilish’s house seven times. He exhibited “erratic behavior,” including sitting on the porch reading a book after Eilish’s father told him she was not home.

The order prohibits Rousseau from contacting or walking within 100 meters of Eilish and their parents, harassing their families or visiting Eilish’s workplaces. As a result, Google blurred Eilish’s family home from Street View.


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