Bella Thorne speaks to Abella Danger about a fast-paced new video

Bella Thorne speaks to Abella Danger about a fast-paced new video

Bella Thorne, once best known for her work on Disney Channel, has recently been in the headlines for her new video, Shake it.

Shortly after it was released on February 22nd, the video of Thorne and adult movie star Abella Danger dancing and rolling around together on a bed was temporarily censored by YouTube for “explicit content”. It has since been brought back to the site and has already had an impressive 1.9 million views.

Thorne directed and also starred the video, and she explains that Danger was an obvious choice to play her co-star.

“I wanted to use it for the video because it is my … perfect idea for a woman,” Thorne, who identifies as pansexual, tells Monét X Change in a new episode of The X rate of change. “Any trait she possesses I think yeah I could date this girl. If they don’t like her, don’t watch my music video or hear my song or stream my s *** if you s * ** want to talk about this girl. “

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As Thorne saw it, she needed to keep the mood on the set.

“If we’re not having fun filming, you’ll see,” says Thorne. “That’s why it was so important that we had a loose set and that it was more about me and Abella connecting up and saying, ‘Camera: roll, roll, roll, roll’ because we’re in a moment.”

Throne is 23, so it’s very different from the work she did on Disney’s eponymous show a few years ago Shake it up, in which she starred with Zendaya. And Thorne admits it was “very, very hard” to break away from her Disney image. She says people thought she was sexy just to shake things up.

Bella Thorne appears in the October 9, 2011 episode of

Bella Thorne appears in the October 9, 2011 episode of Shake it up. (Photo by Bruce Birmelin / © Disney Channel / Courtesy Everett Collection)

Thorne also recalls that while at one point she continually worried about shattering the image of a good girl the world demands of female teen idols, especially those who work for Disney, she eventually stopped worrying about it close.

“When I was 18 at the time, I was with my boyfriend Greg and we’d kissed in a Starbucks and someone got a picture of me and I … like my heart, the fear, the pumping I take her cell phone, I say, “I’ll take a picture with you. I just have to delete this photo. I am so sorry. When that comes out … “says Thorne, remembering that she quickly made a change of heart.” I remember looking at this photo and thinking, ‘Got it. It’s good. I’m fucking 18. I can do what the hell I want now. ‘”

Five years later, Thorne wants to make more music, and “so much more” of that is in the works.

She will also star in another film that is similar to her 2020 thriller girlfor which she received glowing reviews as a central figure.

“I’ve worked all my damn life. It’s time to be creative, do what I want,” she says. “”girlPeople really noticed, “Wow. Bella Thorne is a good actress. The girl can actually act. ‘And I say, “Thank you!” So I know I just need to make more films like these that I love and that are creative for me. “

– Video produced by Stacy Jackman

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