Baby Queen released a new song

Baby Queen released a new song

After Raw Thoughts, the aspiring artist, aka Bella Latham, finds the muted yet powerful Thesis Drugs, which sings openly over a shimmering pop production that contrasts with lyrics that describe her struggles with mental health and body image. She said:

“I wrote this song when I was in a really bad place, which was mostly characterized by the idea that I wasn’t a good person and I didn’t deserve good things. I think there have been so many parts of me for so long that I refused to acknowledge or heed them, and if you ignore your own pain or refuse to face your mistakes you can get yourself into a self-destructive cycle, what ultimately happened. I think escape is necessary and we all find our escape in different places, but some are just healthier than others.

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“I knew I was taking a risk when I decided to be so uncomfortably honest about these texts, but I also knew that I had to share this story with people because we all have a monkey on our backs and we don’t self-destruct anyone is strange. I really want people to know that a better life is waiting for them if they choose. If you can learn to like yourself and learn to understand and accept every part of yourself (even the darkest), then you won’t feel the need to run away. You really have the power to build the life you want to live and I think I can prove it to someone. “

Talking about the track’s stunning video, she added:

“The idea for the music video came from the first line of the song, one of my favorite pieces of text I’ve ever written: ‘I don’t want to do drugs anymore. If you saw me through the eyes of a bathroom, your skin would crawl. ‘I was really obsessed with the idea of ​​just looking at someone through different toilet cubicles. I think if someone actually saw footage of me in every London bathroom I’ve ever been in, they would see some of the most euphoric moments of my life as well as some of the darkest – and I really wanted to do it again – create that.

“I came up with the idea of ​​building four completely different bathroom stalls with different energies and narratives, and just allowing the actions in each to occur naturally. I’m really proud of this video because it was shot by my genius of creative director at Polydor Semera Khan and my amazing creative commissioner Saorla Houston. I really believe in them and I think they’re amazing so one night I said, ‘Guys, why don’t you just do this? Why don’t we just do this together? ‘It’s the best shoot I’ve ever done on set. “

Baby Queen released her ‘Medicine’ EP before supporting Yungblud on the Weird Time Of Life tour in late 2020.


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