According to former member Dasom, a SISTAR reunion could be in the works

According to former member Dasom, a SISTAR reunion could be in the works

The singer and actress Dasom shared the news on Sunday (February 21) during an appearance on the new social media platform Clubhouse.

She noted that the group had been discussing a proper comeback and that their Starship Entertainment label appeared to be okay with the idea.

During her appearance on the app, Dasom also spoke about the dreams and aspirations she had as a child. This included a desire to become a teacher and then an actress. She also said that she feels the best thing that has ever happened to her to be part of SISTAR and will always be grateful for it.

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Since the dissolution of SISTAR in 2017, the singer has advanced her acting career. She has appeared in various television dramas such as The Virtual Bride (2015), Ms. Kims Mystery (2018) and He Is Psychometric (2019).

The other members of SISTAR have also pursued their own endeavors since the separation. The lead singer Hyolyn founded her own music label Bridʒ and released her own music. Their latest EP ‘Say My Name’ was released in the second half of 2020.

Soyou, the lead singer, stayed with Starship Entertainment and released her own single “Gotta Go” that same year. Last month, lead dancer and rapper Bora became known as one of the presenters for GlanceTV’s beauty show Unnies Beauty Carpool.


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