A resurfaced Jennifer Aniston interview disgusted fans with David Letterman

A resurfaced Jennifer Aniston interview disgusted fans with David Letterman

A resurfaced Jennifer Aniston interview disgusted fans with David Letterman
“That 1998 interview with Jennifer Aniston about David Letterman is still gross to watch.”

We continue to anticipate the television media’s unfair treatment of celebrities – inspired in part by the Diane Sawyer interview with Britney Spears extracted from the documentary Framing Britney Spears – More and more convulsive segments reappear.

One of the clips showed Lindsay Lohan on the Late Show with David Letterman The talk show host attacked Lohan with questions about rehab. She made it clear, “We didn’t discuss this in the pre-interview,” and yet he strolled on, joking about her addictions and continuing to ignore her many protests.

In another troubled Letterman segment, the presenter sat down with reigning American lover Jennifer Aniston, who attended the show in 1998 to promote her film The object of my affection.

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After this Friends Star shared an anecdote about meeting fans in the steam room of her gym. Letterman slid his chair behind Anistons and said to her, “Forgive me if that’s rude, I just want to try one.” Then he put a strand of the actress’s hair in his mouth (!!!) and sucked on it as he slowly withdrew. Aniston played along and laughed at the act, but she couldn’t hide her disgust after Letterman handed her a handkerchief and she had to dry her hair from his saliva.

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Twitter users who rediscovered the clip were (rightly) outraged.

– Dan Ashley (@Ohcanadan) February 14, 2021I was a fan of Letterman when I was in high school and college, but when I look back on a lot of his clips they are so awkward and nervous. The worst part is that he smells Jennifer Aniston’s hair – there’s no comedy, it’s all about sexual harassment in the air 🤮

– Brandon Myers @ (@hackerhog) February 14, 2021I remember it. Every Letterman interview was like this. That’s why he was so good. Unique. I could see old letterman interviews like this one all day

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– Amanda Hackett (@ae_hackett) February 19, 2021I just saw a clip of Letterman sucking poor Jennifer Aniston’s hair in the ’90s, and I think at this point I am more wondering if there are some brain chemists out there who are driving them absolutely crazy

Can you imagine a media personality pulling something like this today? Although the lines between celebrities and the media are clearer today than they were 20 years ago, the passage of time shouldn’t give anyone a badge of literal harassment. This treatment of women was disgusting in 1998 and disgusting in 2021.

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