A developer who described his company as “very positive” has been banned from Steam for “verification manipulation”.

A developer who described his company as "very positive" has been banned from Steam for "verification manipulation".

The game Emoji Evolution was released on Steam in December, a version of the classic Alchemy game that combines elements to create a new one.

The developer has changed both fields for developer and publisher to “Very Positive” which at first glance means that this seems to be the total score for the game.

The actual rating aggregate stays at “Mostly Positive,” a rating that implies that the game has more good reviews than bad, but several each. Speaking to Vice, the developer asked to remain anonymous, admitting the move was a deliberate attempt to use Steam’s user interface for their own benefit.

“I knew reviews are a big part of the customer’s decision,” he said. “I found the publisher / developer name to be very close to the reviews and the same color, and I decided to use it for my purposes.”

He argued that it was more important “to have a famous brand name like Obsidian there,” and that he didn’t think Valve would interfere with the trick. He described the game as “cheap and attractive” and said, “I don’t think this is a great game.”

The developer has since gone to Twitter to share memes and jokes about the ban and even to promote other indie games using its new platform. In a tweet he said, “I played a really bad game – it’s the only thing I’m to blame. If Steam doesn’t allow you to play terrible games, why haven’t they already banned the CDPR account? “Refers to the problematic launch of Cyberpunk 2077.

They have also stated that they do not agree with the ban and will get in touch with Steam.


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