Westside Gunn reveals why he left Eminem’s Shady Records

Westside Gunn reveals he left Eminem’s Shady Records

Westside Gunn reveals he left Eminem’s Shady Records

Westside Gunn reveals why he left Eminem’s Shady Records

Westside Gunn is a free agent. The rapper appeared in the final episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, which aired on Saturday (November 14), and revealed that he is no longer a part of Eminem’s Shady Records.

The Griselda member met Budden, Rory and Mal on their podcast and was asked about his relationship with the record label and what his status quo is regarding his deal with the rapper being named “Lose Yourself”.

Westside Gunn reveals he left Eminem’s Shady Records

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He said he’s no longer signed to Shady since launching his project Who Made The Sunshine, which was released in October. “Hmm, I’m off Shady. I’m actually a free agent. It feels great. He’s the one who made Sunshine. I actually spoke to Paul [Rosenberg]. It’s all right. It’s okay.” Said Westside on the Boden podcast, like, Everything is signed and sealed And hand it over, I have my papers, like, I’m off Shady.

Westside Gunn reveals he left Eminem’s Shady Records

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“I’m one of that kind of guy, and I don’t speak in public. That’s the way I move. It’s like saying to me and me or me and Conway or Conway and me or whatever, we might have a quarrel, but the world will never know.” He added: ” We’ll still be brothers and cousins. ”“ It’s the same way even with business, because at the end of the day, that’s a big world. Even if it was someone else’s vulgar, I wouldn’t play that vulgar role. ”

Westside was open about his disappointment with the way Shady Records handled the promotion of his album, and Eminem also did not promote the project on social media. He was also outspoken when Shady Records failed to recognize Griselda’s nomination at the 2020 BET Awards this summer. “I wonder did ShadyRecords know that we were nominated for a BET Award tonight,” he tweeted at the time.

On the podcast, Westside also opened up about dealing with the COVID-19 diagnosis in March after going on tour with the group and being in Wyoming with Kanye West. The rapper said he was skeptical about the virus at first, but realized how dangerous it was because his symptoms were severe enough to make him fear for his life. PJ took us to Los Angeles, after three days I talked to him again and he was sick, and I was sick. The rapper said, “I was feeling weird but I didn’t do what was going on.” He went and took the test and he had it.

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“I thought I was done. I was making calls to people like, ‘Hey, if I die, this is here, this is there. I couldn’t get off the sofa. “I stayed home for weeks,” said the rapper, who suffers from asthma. “To this day I still feel upset with my asthma.”

The rapper has said he will “retire” from rapping at the end of the year but has revealed that he will release his next tape of music with sincere appreciation Adolf before then. He founded Griselda Records in 2012 in Buffalo, New York along with his brother Conway the Machine, their cousin Benny the Butcher, and their in-house producer Daringer.


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