Raul Jimenez Could Be Back Within Three Months

Raul Jimenez had an operation on a fractured skull caused as a result of his terrible clash of heads with David Luiz in Arsenal’s match with Wolves.

According to neurosurgeon Juan Alberto Nader, his recovery process could lead to him being out for up to three months.

The image of the weekend was Raul Jimenez’s fractured skull after a very nasty head clash with David Luiz. The Wolves striker, who was knocked out and had to be taken to hospital, had an operation on Monday.

Now the club and his family are asking for privacy and calm for the Mexican, who is recovering after being operated on in a London hospital. What we do not know is when the Mexican will be back on the pitch and it seems like he will not be back for a while.

Juan Alberto Nader, an expert in neurology and neurosurgery, explained to ‘ESPN’ that he could be back in around three months. “Depending on how serious the fracture is, he will need between one and three months if it’s a lineal fracture and that’s it. If it’s a small one, not even a month, it depends on the size of the fracture and the treatment he is given.”

“It’s still premature, but they are saying that if things go well and that it’s just a fracture, I hope it’s just that. Once he gets over his fracture, he’ll be able to play,” Nader said. He said it all depends on whether there is any brain damage or not.

“I think, based on what I saw in the report, he had an operation on a skull fracture and if he was operated on that, then it’s not so important because they’d just need to straighten the cranium and that’s it. But if it includes brain damage, that’s bad and it would depend on the treatment on the brain not of the fracture,” he pointed out.

“We must wait 24 to 48 hours to know how serious his situation is and what he can do in the future,” he concluded.

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