Neymar’s Ex-Stepdad Records Himself After Being Stabbed In Mexico

Yes, just as you read it. Tiago Ramos didn’t have anything better to do after being stabbed than record himself and upload the videos to Instagram.

The ex-boyfriend of Neymar’s mum threatened to return to the scene of the incident.

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Tiago Ramos was stabbed in a fight in a bar in Cancun, Mexico, as he himself declared in a video that he uploaded to his Instagram account. The young ex-boyfriend of Neymar’s mum showed the wounds he suffered, his neck bleeding.

The ex-stepdad of the PSG player reported that he was assaulted for no reason. “I almost died for something I didn’t do. I arrived at the restaurant and ordered a plate of meat. I don’t know what happened. I didn’t do anything, but they wouldn’t let me stay. There were three men and one stabbed me”.

He also didn’t hesitate in threatening the person that stabbed him: “This will not stay here. I have the number of the person who did this and I’m going back to Mexico”.

All of this while different Brazilian media assure that the well-known 24-year-old model has reportedly rekindled his relationship with Neymar’s mum, Nadine Goncalves, 53.

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